Autumn is here now and the weather is getting cooler. We are slowly moving towards winter in Australia.

Winter brings its own challenges. One of them is people getting sick due to Flu.

Because of the current Coronavirus situation, there is so much confusion around what will happen to us during winter when the Flu infections are on rise.

Flu is caused by a virus called Influenza. To combat Flu infection, people are normally advised to the take Flu vaccine (also called as Flu shot). Please be aware that taking a Flu shot will only protect you against Influenza. It will NOT protect you from getting infected or ease the symptoms by Coronavirus as per the current research data! There is no cure found for Coronavirus yet.

Both Coronavirus and Influenza virus causes respiratory symptoms. When it comes to Influenza – children, elderly, pregnant women and those with compromised immune systems and have other medical conditions are at high risk. For Coronavirus, current research data suggests that normally elderly people and those with underlying medical conditions are at high risk.

Either way, it is important to keep our immune system intact to fight these viruses during winter. Stress is a major contributor to break our immune system, so it’s important to keep our stress under control. Breathing exercises are good for strengthening our lungs and fight respiratory issues. Make sure eating healthy foods and avoiding junk as high priority. 

Stay safe and healthy!


May 7, 2020

Dr Sathiya (Sam) Ramakrishnan