WHS Breaches costs up to $3million

Business owner / managers do you exercise a high level of due diligence and duty of care?

If you do not or do not know and any of the following breaches occurs, you are liable for up to $3 million in fines. A breach includes:

  • An action is taken that places a person at risk of injury, illness or death; or
  • Steps are not taken to avoid a risky situation from occurring; or
  • There is a failure to comply with regulatory requirements.

$475 Health and Safety Inspection

What’s included in the inspection:

  • 4-5 hours on site inspections with a qualified health and safety consultant;
  • Thumbnail inspection of your workplace;
  • Review of risk management systems and tools;
  • WHS compliance review;
  • Verbal post inspection debrief; and
  • Compliance and recommendation report.

Terms and Conditions

The following terms and conditions apply for the $475 Health and Safety Inspection offer:

  • The price listed does not include GST;
  • The offer is per workplace, work site or property;
  • The offer is valid to these workplaces, work sites or property within a 50km radius of Triple A offices. This includes:
    • Rockhampton (Allenstown, 4700); and
    • Brisbane (Woolloongabba, 4102).
  • Additional costs will incur for the following:
    • Travel outside of these areas, including hourly rate and vehicle rates; and
    • Hourly rate for additional work.
  • Costs of inspections for multiple sites, properties or workplaces can be negotiated.

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