Eye Protection products are used in many industries to protect against flying particles, liquids, chemicals, molten metals, radiated heat and glare.

Safety glasses come in numerous shapes and styles, but do you know how to choose the right tinted safety glasses for your job? Safety glasses are available in many different tints that serve many different purposes, depending on the job at hand and your environment. Tinted safety glasses can help reduce glare, reflect bright light, absorb harmful light, including UV and infrared (IR), and even increase contrast in your field of vision.

We’re discussing the reasons why selecting the right lens for your specific application is so important and sharing what you need to know about lens tints.

Why does choosing the right lens matter?


The top reason why lens tint matters comes down to safety. When you’re wearing the right colour of tinted lenses, not only will this help protect your eyes from the hazards of the job at hand, your eyes can feel less fatigued from strain that can result from different working conditions. This can result in fewer instances of workers removing eyewear from their face due to discomfort, thereby keeping them safer. It’s also important to look for eyewear that meets AS/NZS 1337.1:2010, which means it has passed impact testing and other safety requirements that can help protect your eyes.


The right eyewear can help reduce light sensitivities, eye strain and headaches for wearers. Polycarbonate lenses contain UVA and UVB coatings, which help protect eyes from light conditions that can damage them and increase a wearer’s risk of developing eye disease, including cataracts. Different people have different needs and choosing the right lens tints can be beneficial to a worker’s health.


Certain lens tints provide contrast and can help workers see fine details better and more easily. This can help workers complete certain tasks more accurately and more quickly.


This is one of the most important considerations when choosing a lens tint — and personal protective equipment (PPE) in general! When PPE is comfortable, workers are more likely to wear it and keep it on. This is why 3M produces so many different styles of safety eyewear and encourages sampling different pairs of safety glasses to see what will work for a worker’s individual face size and shape. To help objectively measure comfort and fit, we specially developed the 3M Eyewear Fit Testing System to help measure gaps and fit around the eyes to promote optimal protection and comfort.


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September 01, 2020