Our Communities

Triple A assists a range of community groups and events through sponsorships and financial contributions. We are proudly locally based in Central Queensland and take great care to support our team members, and their families as well as our wider community.

We recognise the importance of building strong community relationships. Our commitment to community is based around the support of local clubs and businesses as well as supporting charities.
In the short time of operations, Triple A has donated over $25,000 to local clubs and charities. In 2014 we supported the following clubs and charities:

  • Hat Day – raising awareness and $400 in donations from hosting a small lunch with local businesses;
  • Movember – after the Triple A guys attempted to grow moustaches; the team raised more than $2000;
  • Oxfam;
  • Local and Central Queensland sporting clubs;
  • Special Children’s Christmas Party; and
  • Many other charities and teams.

Local Organisations

Triple A is an active members of the Capricorn Chamber of Commerce (CCC) and the Resource Industry Group (RIG). We believe in supporting and utilising local companies and networks to ensure positive growth of the local area.

Alan Anderson has been part of the CCC for over 12 months. Currently a Vice President of the chamber, Alan was until recently the President of the organisation.