Policy Version: One
Policy Approval Date: 05/04/2019
Refunds issue to the payee only, no exceptions. For EFTPOS transaction refunds, the payee will be required to complete the process in person to validate the security information on the card used and to provide proof of identification.
A refund may be issued when a client notifies Triple A in writing prior to the commencement of a Triple A Training Course stating a valid reason for cancellation.
Triple A reserves the right to deduct an administration fee of $50 for each cancellation, which will be determined in accordance with the Triple A Cancellation policy, which states that “refunds given are the difference after cancellation charges have been deducted”.
A full refund will be granted (with no administrative fee deducted) if the following should occur:

  • Triple A cancels a course due to lack of participants; or
  • When a client need to change their course date due to value reasoning (illness with medical certificate etc).

No refund applies:

  •  If the client or participant changes their mind;
  • A client commences a course then leaves the course without notification to the instructor. However, a refund will be considered for a client who is unable to continue due to injury or illness provided an original medical certificate is supplied to Triple A Security & Safety;
  • The client wishes to finalise incomplete unity of competency in a future course, the original fee can be used as a credit towards an alternate course;
  • A client fails to attend a scheduled training course on any given date with no less than 24 hours notification to Triple A. Prior notification will be deemed unacceptable by Triple A when provided on the day that training is being conducted;
  • A course has been conducted regardless of its entirety whereby the client is seeking reimbursement due to unforeseen or unsatisfactory circumstances;
  •  Where a non-competent assessment result may apply; and
  • Where a person is evicted from a scheduled course for improper or inappropriate behaviour.

Disputed outcomes where a client may be requesting a refund on course fees will be directed to the Managing Director for resolution. If the refund is based on an unsatisfactory result relating to course assessment criteria the dispute will be forwarded to our Register Training Organisation for a resolution prior to any consideration of refund of course fees.

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