Emergency Response Management Systems

Companies working in high risk industries need to maintain an adequate emergency response capability. This may be achieved by developing appropriate emergency response management systems and conducting training in those systems and training for the use of equipment and skills required to respond.

Emergency management systems are specific to the potential fire, first aid and emergency incidents likely to occur or impact on the organisation.

Emergency Response training are designed to test workplace capabilities and the effectiveness of your response. The outcomes identify how your company handles the response and added pressure of an emergency and also the limitations and areas of improvement for emergency response. These outcomes are achieved through the facilitation of life-like scenarios utilising leading edge moulage techniques and scenario innovations.

First Aid and Emergency Equipment Supplies and Servicing

Ensuring you maintain appropriate first aid equipment is important in maintaining an adequate emergency response. Triple A conduct or arrange auditing, servicing and maintenance of first aid equipment including:

• First Aid Kits of all sizes;
• Automated External Defibrillator (AED);
• Burns and snake bite kits; and
• Oxygen and Entonox cylinders.

All auditing, servicing and maintenance is conducted in accordance with the national code of practice for First Aid equipment or as required by your NMA or safety and health management system

Incident Management, Crisis Management and Business Continuity

Incident Management, Crisis Management and Business Continuity planning is an overlooked aspect of most companies. Good and effective planning ensures processes are documented in the event of a significant incident or impact occurring in or to the organisation and allows positions within the company to respond accordingly and as a team.

Triple A are able to assist in the development of these plans. Starting with a basic business overview and risk assessment, Triple A will be able to design a purpose built functional system. The systems allows for people to be able to easily follow the process and also for unwanted events requiring a contingency plan.

Implementing the process allows your key staffed to be trained in the system and to ensure that processes developed are easily accessible in the event of a significant incident or impact.

For further information on planning incident management, crisis management or business continuity plans contact Triple A.