Health and Safety Management Systems

Triple A specialise in the development of Safety and Health Management Systems (SHMS), Work Health and Safety systems (WHS) and Safety Management Plans (SMP).

Our experience includes the development of safety systems for any sized organisation or business small or large in compliance to varying legislation requirement. Specifically, Triple A develops safety and health management systems to align to the following:

  • Coal Mining Safety and Health Legislation (CMSH);
  • Work Health and Safety Legislation (WHS); and
  • Australian Standard 4801 (AS4801) compliant systems.

Safety and Health Management System or plans developed by Triple A are based around the principals of risk management (i.e. ISO 31000), continuous improvement and are developed to be simple, functional and applicable to your organisation or business.

Our HSE consultants ensure that all parts of management systems align to how you do business and to how your employees currently conduct operations safety.

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Risk Management and Hazard Identification

Hazard Identification and Risk Management are specific requirement of all safety and health legislation. These are sometimes difficult to effectively conduct or implement. However, done properly they allow a business to understand the impact of the risk/hazard and how the risk/ hazard may be prevented or mitigated.

Triple A are experienced in the development of risk and hazard assessment tools and methodologies. We draw on our experiences in various industries to ensure how you manage risks or hazards is appropriate to your business; compliant to relevant standards (including ISO 31000 and Recognised Standard 2); and effective.

Triple A offer experienced consultants able to facilitate all types of risk and hazard assessments including WRAC, FTA and Bowtie. Types of Risk Assessment and Hazard Assessments conducted by Triple A typically include the following:

  • Task or operational based risk assessments (JHA, JSA, JSEA, SWMS etc);
  • Plant risk assessments;
  • Hazard Assessments and Reporting (to align to WHS);
  • Change Management; and
  • Corporate and high level risk assessments (broad brush risk assessment and baseline risk assessments).

Compliance Audits

Compliance auditing assist in measuring compliance to specific standards. For example against legislation, Australian and International Standards and Codes of Practice. Internal audits are vital in continuous improvement. Ensuring those audits are non-biased is equally important in ensuring a system is compliant and effective.

Triple A Senior HSE Consultants are accredited ISO Lead Auditors through Exemplar Global. Our consultants are experienced in the following types of compliance audits, these include:

  • AS 4801 Audit;
  • ISO 9001 Audit;
  • ISO 13001 Audit;
  • Coal Mining Safety and Health Act and Regulation Audit or SHMS Audits;
  • Work Health and Safety Act and Regulation Audit or WHS Audits;
  • Confined Space Audit;
  • Work at Heights Audit; and
  • Hazardous Substances Audit.

Hazard Inspections

Hazard Inspections are a means of identifying those things or situations with the potential to cause harm or loss. A barrier in conducting internal hazard inspections are ‘familiar eyes’ or complacency. It is important that ‘fresh eyes’ or non-familiar persons are used in the identification of hazards.

We specialise in conducting hazard inspections within the workplace and for plant and equipment. After conducting a hazard inspections Triple A provides its clients with detailed findings, i.e. Hazard Reports. These reports are complemented by elements of risk management to ensure we also provide information on reducing the level of risk.

Did you know?

  • The Work Health and Safety legislation requires suppliers of used plant to provide information to purchasers, e.g. a Hazard Report. (WHS Regulations, Section 199).
  • It also requires persons with management of control of plant to ensure that the risks associated with the proposed use is assessed by a competent person (e.g. hazard inspection and risk assessment) (WHS Regulations, Section 206).


Health and Safety Inspection

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Incident Investigations

Investigations into incidents is vital in identifying contributing factors and preventing incident recurrence. It is prudent to ensure investigations are conducted on high potential incidents and other signification or serious accidents.

Effective incident investigation starts with what happened (i.e. a time line) and then why did that happen (i.e. the 5 why’s). In facilitating incident investigations, Triple A typically utilise a hybrid of techniques and methods used within various industries, including ICAM and TapRoot. This allows us to coach investigation teams and to reach our investigation aim of identifying and effectively controlling root causes.

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Training, Coaching and Mentoring

Training employees, coaching supervisors and mentoring managers is vital in applying health and safety to your organisation.
All consultants are qualified Trainer and Assessors and are able to train employees in your companies systems, in health and safety principals and in other systems or safety and health requirements.

Coaching and Mentoring of supervisors and managers is typically part of our service to our clients during the development or implementation of a Safety and Health Management System. Coaching and mentoring increases awareness and drives an improved safety culture.

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