Rehabilitation and Return to Work

As a result of legislative changes, the Return to Work assist program is no longer run by the Worker’s Compensation Regulator (formerly Q-COMP). The responsibility for operating Return to Work programs now sits with insurers but will be accredited by the Regulator. The process for accreditation is being developed and will be communicated shortly.

Developing Rehabilitation and Return To Work Systems

Triple A consultants are able to develop or assist in the development of Return To Work procedures. This includes the development of a policies and associated procedures to achieve the policy objectives. The procedures will also allow the effective and timely management of injured or ill workers ensuring they return to work safely.

Rehabilitation and Return To Work Coordination

In the event your organisation is unable to conduct the rehabilitation and return to work process for a workplace injury or illness,
Triple A are able to assist in coordinating or conducting this process on your behalf. This will include the following:

• Ensuring patient confidentiality is maintained;
• Accompanying workers to nominated medical practitioners;
• Managing the case files and insurers;
• Developing suitable duties plans;
• Coordinating and monitoring rehabilitation plans; and
• Conducting functional capacity testing prior to returning to work.

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